Monday, December 6, 2021

Tata Motors Civil Maintenance Workers’ strike continues on 7th day, no progress headway despite tripartite meet

Jamshedpur: The strike of the civil maintenance workers of Tata Motors continued for the 7th day. On the appeal of the striking workers of civil maintenance, the workers employed in Telco town also stopped their work to create pressure on Jusco and held a tripartite meeting in Telco Town Division Office.

The meeting was attended by Rajat Sharma, Vishal Singh from Tata Motors, B P Sharma and Arvind Singh from Jusco and Anand Bihari Dubey, Samanto Kumar, Sanjay Ghosh, Atul Gupta and 5 workers.

In a long tripartite meet, Mr. Dubey apprised the management with the problems being faced by the workers.

He also pointed out that Jusco has been violating labour laws openly.

Tripartite meeting held
Tripartite meeting held

He alleged that the money deducted by the contractors for PF has not been deducted after December.

He alleged that there was gross anomaly in PF and ESI deductions and deposits.

He said that several workers are not even paid the minimum wages, while all the workers have not been paid fully for the lockdown period.

He said that the workers had informed the Jusco officials about this, but no action was taken.

The Jusco officials taking part in the meeting said that they would apprise their seniors with all the information and action would be taken to resolve the issues within 15 days. They appealed that the workers should withdraw the strike and start work.

But, Anand Bihari Dubey, who is leading the agitation, said that the workers have been keeping the Jusco officials informed and if they had taken action in time there was no possibility of any strike. He said that the strike would continue till the issues are resolved.

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