Thursday, January 20, 2022

Locals oppose construction of closed road divider on Sakchi-Bhalubasa Road

Jamshedpur: Local residents of Sakchi Bhalubasa Bridge area today opposed the construction of divider on Sakchi-Bhalubasa segment of Straight Mile Road.

Tata Steel and Jusco have been carrying out road construction work in different areas for beautification. A divider was being construction between Sakchi and Bhaluabsa bridge.

Locals oppose closed road divider construction in Sakchi
Locals oppose closed road divider construction in Sakchi

Earlier, an opening for crossing was left open in the divider. But as the divider was broken at places, many road accidents were being caused.

Keeping in mind the rise in the number of accidents, Jusco was trying to close the opening in the road divider.

Locals protest construction of closed road divider in Sakchi.

However, the local residents opposed the closure of the crossing as they felt that this would cause problems for them in using the road.

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A number of locals gathered at the place and opposed the divider construction.

The police soon reached the place and convinced the locals to allow the construction work to continue.

Police officer talking about the protest over road divider.

The issue was finally settled.

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