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Bhoomi Pujan – a historic and civilisational moment for India!


The Bhoomi Pujan of Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a historic moment. It is a mark of the end of a long and patient struggle of a suppressed and enslaved majority.

This community waited and fought within the ambits of laws and constitution for righting a grave civilisational wrong perpetrated centuries back. A wrong that was being deliberately kept alive to keep its spirits down and enslaved even five centuries later in a free India.

Bhoomi Pujan is an acknowledgement of the never-say-die spirit of decentralised and diffused resistance from Hindus to protect dharma.

When invaders tortured, killed and maimed Hindus in Delhi and most of north India, the Hindus took to worshipping their idols in underground makeshift mandirs.

They took to tulsi paudha puja because the idols were so hated by the invaders that they would destroy them in every household and kill those who were worshipping idols.

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Hindu kings were defeated here and there, now and then, but the masses kept the diya of Hinduism and Bhakti alive. In earthen homes, makeshift jhuggis and fearful hearts, they kept the diya of their faith alight.

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This bhoomi pujan is an acknowledgement of that faith of several generations of Bharatvanshis who, despite resistance here and there, have had to live under the yoke of slavery for more than a thousand years.

The credit for this bhoomi pujan goes to the common Hindu. Thousands of them have laid down their lives for making this day possible.

Some credit must also go to the intellectuals who awakened and kept the sagging spirit of Hindus up. They provided logic and reasoning to defeat all the conspiratorial theories and illogic of the adversaries who kept advancing new arguments and invented facts to keep them confused.

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From Sardar Patel, to Dr Rajendra Prasad, from Sitaram Goel to Arun Shourie to Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Lal Krishna Advani to Meenakshi Jain to K K Mohammad to B B Lal to Subramaniam Swamy to K Parasaran to J Sai Deepak to social media handles like True Indology all have contributed in rejuvenating the suppressed spirits of Hindus.

However, some credit must also go to the hypocrisy of the so called left-liberal-secular cabal, so dominant and vocal in India. Sometimes, you need blatant lie to draw attention to the falsehood being constantly and surreptitiously peddled under the hood.

The fact that this cabal was distorting Indian history and civilisational truths knowingly, was peddling lies in the name of one-sided Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb to keep the Hindus befuddled and that it was using the invented concept of secularism to keep supremacists of other faiths happy, went unnoticed for several decades.

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It was only due to the efforts of the Hindu intellectuals that even the masses started seeing through this duplicity.

They understood the facts, the designs and the fears of this cabal.

So some credit must go to the blatant hypocrisy of this cabal too.

One cannot have two different yardsticks- one for Hindus and another for others – for too long and go unnoticed.

That they openly used so many yardsticks publicly, and in printed letters, was enough to expose them and their true intentions before the masses.

And therefore this Bhoomi Pujan.

Give the dishonest cabal some credit too.

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