Friday, December 3, 2021

Vandals set fire to bike parked outside home in Kadma

Jamshedpur: Vandals continue to set fire to bikes parked outside homes in Kadma area. Once again a bike set on fire and completely charred Sunday night in Shashtrinagar Block Number 2 area in Kadma. The bike belonged to Javed Alam.

According to sources, unknown vandals set a bike kept outside the home of Javed Alam in Shashtri Nagar. The bike was charred beyond redemption.

Javed said that he has suffered a huge financial loss due to this.

Vandals set bike parked outside home on fire in Shashtrinagar, Kadma
Vandals set bike parked outside home on fire in Shashtrinagar, Kadma

This is not the first such incident. Even earlier criminals have set fire to houses, bikes and shops.

However, the police have no clue about who the perpetrators are.

Earlier, on 10th July too, unknown criminals had set fire to several bikes in the parking lot of KF 2 building of Tata Steel Employees’ Flats in Kadma. 11 bikes parked in the lot were completely gutted in the fire.

Javed Alam speaking about how his vehicle was set afire by vandals.

The fire had caused fear among the people living in the colony. On the other hand the office-bearers of Tata Workers Union were also very upset with the incident.

The locals had claimed that a similar fire had broken out in the parking on February 29, 2016 too.

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