Thursday, September 29, 2022

Let us not have false hopes!


It is, perhaps, a sign of the uncertain times that the world is going through that we, as common men and women, feel happy to read about treatment methods like “plasma therapy” and drug names like “Remdesivir” and “Favipiravir”.

We all are waiting for a no-miss cure with bated breath and these tongue-twisting medical terms sound like a soothing news from Mars for sinking hopes on earth.

If not a vaccine yet, maybe these methods, drugs will work. Maybe some miracle might happen.

So goes our mind.

It is true that ICMR has approved the use of plasma therapy and Remdesivir and Favipiravir.

However, none of these are definite cures and all of these come with their own side-effects and difficulties.

We must not raise our hopes falsely. There is still no known cure or scientifically established therapy for Covid-19 yet.

There is no vaccine yet. And all other therapies, drugs are still in different stages of trials.

However, plasma therapy has shown most promising results in a number of cases in India. This may be the reason why ICMR has included this in its recommended protocol.

However, its efficacy is still not completely established through staged trials. And this therapy entails its own risks, challenges.

This therapy and these drugs are to be used only in specific patients under specified circumstances.

Medical researchers, doctors and ICMR are doing the best that is possible to cope up with Covid-19 challenge.

However, we, as a people, should not raise false hopes within us.

Relatives of patients need to be educated and given the choice of going for these trial stage therapies and drugs by making them understand all the pros and cons.

A future vaccine still looks to be the best hope for us all. And it still seems a few months away from us.

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