Thursday, January 20, 2022

18 members of 6 families found Covid-19 positive in Parsudih and Harharguttu, affected areas sealed

Jamshedpur: 18 persons of 6 families have been found Covid-19 positive in Haludboni, Parsudih and Harharguttu areas. The district administration has sealed all the impacted areas and declared them containment zones.

The number of corona positive patients in the city is on the rise steadily.

The district administration has been cautioning people and even loudspeakers are being used to alert people about the need to continue maintaining social distancing.

However, there are many who are not listening to the pleas of the district administration and are continuing to ignore social distancing norms.

CO Baban Das speaking about Corona threat in Jamshedpur.

The number of infected persons in the city has reached 2000. Even the number of beds in the hospitals are falling short.

Houses being sealed in Parsudih and Harhargutta after Covid-19 positive patients were found.

The circle Officer, Baban Singh, feels that there is a need to enforce social distancing norms in the city. Otherwise, he says, the pandemic situation would go out of control.

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