Friday, December 3, 2021

Indian hackers hack four Pakistan Govt websites, mark them with "PKMKB"

New Delhi: Indian hackers have hacked four Pakistan government sites and made them non-functional.

The four sites are pk, pk, pk and pk. The sites belong to the Higher Education Regulatory Authority, Energy and Power department, Electric Inspectorate and Accreditation Council of Pakistan.

The Indian hackers have displayed the same message on all four Pakistan government sites: “You have been hacked. We will come back soon again !”

They have also signed off with an abuse: “PKMKB”, which is best left untranslated and unexplained.

They have also displayed on the hacked sites some memes and humorous pictures along with photos of some famous Indian twitterati.

There is a link claiming to be from ‘Hacks & Security” hacker group too.

Indian and Pakistani hackers hacking websites of each other’s countries is not a new thing. Even earlier Indian and Pakistani hackers have hacked several websites.

However, hacking of four Pakistan government sites has amused those who keep watching the hacking universe.

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