Jharkhand Assembly
Jharkhand Assembly

Jamshedpur: Amidst all the political turmoil in Rajasthan, political eyes have also now started turning towards Jharkhand. There are many who feel that the heat of Operation Lotus may turn to Hemant Soren government in Jharkhand, once the political turmoil in Rajasthan settles down a little.

The political ground realities and strategy of BJP are now pointing to a big storm in the political firmament of Jharkhand.

For now, no single party has clear majority in 81-seat Jharkhand Assembly.

In the Assembly elections held in December 2019, JMM had bagged 30 seats, while Congress got 16 and RJD one. BJP had won 25 seats. Erstwhile JVM led by the former CM Babulal Marandi had won three seats. Apart from these parties, AJSU had won 2 seats, while NCP and CPI(ML) had won one seat each. Saryu Roy and another independent candidate had also won elections.

Now, Babulal Marandi has joined BJP. His party has merged in BJP. Pradip Yadav and Bandhu Tirkey had joined Congress.

Hemant Soren had won from two seats and had to resign Barhat seat. The demise of Rajendra Singh of Congress has also left one seat vacant. And it means that currently there are 79 MLAs and for a majority the magic number needed is 40.

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For now, BJP has 26 members. Saryu Roy and another independent may choose to support BJP. AJSU is already with BJP. That takes the BJP numbers to 30. This is only 10 short of the magic number.

Sources said that BJP may be having futuristic ideas about a few MLAs from Congress as well as JMM. If some of them tender resignation, the government may lose its majority.

Sources feel that the floor test in Rajasthan Assembly scheduled for August 14 would have a direct impact on the politics of Jharkhand. If Congress loses government in Rajasthan, then BJP may choose to launch even in Jharkhand and Maharashtra.

Operation Lotus means securing power for BJP, even if it needs winning the support of MLAs from opposition.

It may be recalled that the State Congress President had recently charged BJP with trying to wean away four MLAs of his party.

However, the Jharkhand BJP president Deepak Prakash had replied that Congress should first focus on its own house-keeping methods. He even said that Congress does not trust its own MLAs and that is why Dr. Rameshwar Oraon has been issuing such wild statements.

Sources say that BJP is also focusing on a few JMM MLAs. There are indications that an MLA, known for using his Chanakya-like sharpness and political wisdom is trying to create confusion in the ruling camp to clear the way for BJP’s push to power.

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Sources say that this will also clear his way to the seat of power.

However, some also feel that he is also trying to guage Hemant Soren’s mood in the hope that politics would remain a game of possibilities.


  1. Jharkhand is not Rajasthan and Hemant Soren is not Gehlot. In Jharkhand BJP will be taught a lesson. JMM’s popularity on the ground cannot be impacted. Horse trading will not work in Jharkhand. They will be defeated here. Jai Jharkhand!

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