Friday, December 3, 2021

Timely police intervention averts communal flare-up in Barinagar area in Telco

Jamshedpur: Timely police intervention averted a communal flare-up in Jamshedpur Saturday noon as two communities got into a confrontation and even indulged in stone-pelting at Bari Nagar and Nabi Nagar areas under the jurisdiction of Telco police station.

The police intervened quickly and took some strict action and even resorted to lathicharge to control the situation.

The situation was controlled quickly and normalcy was restored.

Sources said that members of a few Hindu organisations had reached Nabinagar after receiving information that some cattle were kept for sacrifice on Bakrid festival.

Sources say that they insisted that the cattle be freed.

The other side objected to it saying that they were unnecessarily making this an issue.

Arguments ensued and soon it turned into stone throwing.

However, a strong police contingent from CCR and QRT team arrived at the place.

Members of the Hindu outfits left the place as soon as the police team arrived there.

However, the other community insisted on their arrest saying that they had created ruckus unnecessarily. The members of the community also alleged that the police were not listening to their pleas and were acting unilaterally.

A large crowd gathered at the place.

Communal flare up averted by police in Barinagar, Telco
Communal flare up averted by police in Barinagar, Telco

Police teams from Telco, Birsanagar, Govindpur and Golmuri also arrived at the place. The City SP Subhash Chandra Jat, Dy SP Alok Ranjan and other police officers intervened and got the matter under control.

The police had to even resort to a mild lathicharge to control the stone-throwing mobs.

A heavy police contingent has been deployed at the place and the situation is completely under control.

Bakrid festival is to be celebrated tomorrow and the district administration has even carried out a flag-march in the city as seeing the festival pass without any incident is a priority for the city police.

The police are also appealing to the people to continue following the lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms in view of the Corona problem.

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