Friday, December 3, 2021

One more youth commits suicide in Parsudih

Jamshedpur: Corona is not only limited to causing viral load in vulnerable people. It is also causing mental illnesses and forcing several people to go on the brinks or to take drastic steps.

The spate of suicides and self-harms in the city continues unabated as a 43-year-old youth from Kitadih Gadiwal Patti under the jurisdiction of Parsudih police station ended his life.

The police have reached the site of occurrence and sent the body for post mortem.

The police are still investigating the reason for the death.

The police have hinted that the deceased was having mental health issues.

During the last fortnight, around half a dozen persons have ended their lives in different police station areas in the city.

Most cases can be directly linked to financial hardships and unemployment as well as mental health, all by-products of corona situation.

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