Monday, December 6, 2021

Python creates sensation near Sahara City Pardih, Mango

Jamshedpur: A python was in Pardih, Mango near Sahara City Friday morning causing quite a flutter among the residents of that area.

A local resident Amit Mahato informed Akash Dey and Utkarsh Kachchap of the social organisation Jharkhand Animal Welfare Society. The two activists arrived at the scene and after a lot of effort they managed to catch the snake.

The social organisation Jharkhand Animal Welfare Society has been active in the city since 1995 and it looks after stray animals in the city.

Python in Mango
Python in Mango

The activists of the organisation even served food to stray animals during lockdown.

The news of a huge python being spotted in the area spread like a wildfire in the area. A large crowd gathered at the place.

After the python was caught safely by the two activists of the animal welfare organisation, the locals were relieved.

The organisation informed the DFO too. On the instructions of the DFO, Dr. Palit of Tata Zoo checked the health of the snake. Later, Tata Zoo also handed one python to the organisation for releasing in Dalma forest.

Both the snakes were taken to Dalma Forest and released in their natural abode.

Huge python at Sahara City, Mango, Pardih, Jamshedpur.

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