Friday, December 3, 2021

Sex racket busted in Bhuiyandih Channi Apartment flat, 4 women, 2 men nabbed

Jamshedpur: A sex racket was allegedly busted in Channi Apartment at Hume Pipe Road, Bhuiyandih under the jurisdiction of Sitaramdera Police Station by the local residents.

Locals caught four girls and two youths, including the flat owner in compromising position and then handed them over to the police.

Sources said that one girl had come to her parent’s house from Punjab, while the other three were locals.

The locals said that a sex racket was being run in the flat for the last two years.

Locals speak about the alleged sex racket being run in a flat at Channi Apartment.

They said that earlier the accused brought the girls into the flat alone, but later the number of visitors kept increasing. They claimed that the police were informed about this, but no action was taken.

The police are investigating the matter.

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