Monday, December 6, 2021

Mentally ill person climbs up hi-tension electric tower, creates sensation in Golmuri

Jamshedpur: A mentally unstable person today created quite a furore in near New Cable Town under the jurisdiction of Golmuri Police Station by climbing up a hi-tension wire tower.

The person climbed up the tower and even started handling the power cable. His adventure created quite a sensation in the area. The traffic stopped as the number of bystanders kept increasing.

The police too arrived there, but could not do much to help him.

Tata Steel and Fire Brigade were also informed.

The locals and police got the high-tension current flow disconnected temporarily.

The officer in charge said that the person is mentally unstable and keeps wandering about in the area. Power supply was disconnected and effort was made to get him down.

A net was spread below the tower. A large crowd had gathered at the police.

Finally, the youth did come down. The police took him to the police station for interrogation.

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