Thursday, January 20, 2022

City Police bust bike thieves’ gang, two arrested

Jamshedpur: City police today achieved a big success in busting a bike thief gang. Acting on a tip-off it arrested two members of the bike stealing gang.

The city police are yet to confirm the news. But, it has been learnt that the police have recovered 50 different parts of bikes, which did not bear any number plates.

Sources said that the police have also recovered number plates of at least five bikes.

Jamshedpur police bust a gang of bike thieves and recover parts of stolen bikes.

Sources said that one bike was stolen from Kadma area. The police are interrogating two youths on the basis of clues obtained from CCTV footage.

Later, acting on the statement of the two arrested youths, the police have busted a ‘factory’ that used to dis-assemble the bikes into parts and then sold those parts off.

The police are investigating the facts and has not revealed much about the case.

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