The word “oriental tribes” means that we are referring to people from Asia. Sikkim was first named ‘ Su Him ‘ in ancient times meaning ‘ a new house’.

Probably, the new tribes who were settling there thought of giving a nice name to their new home. We don’t know the real reason for this name but whatever it is it should not stop us from learning the beautiful languages of this state.

There are many mountain tribes there in Sikkim: Lepchas, Bhutias, Naong, Chang and Mon.

They also understand and speak some languages of Assam, Bengal, Nepal and Tibet. Most of the people, speak and understand English & Hindi too. So, communicating there is not a problem. Plus, the place is really comforting for tourists. Nepali is the local language of Sikkim.

I visited Sikkim when I was a little kid. The state is so peaceful and fascinating that you would love to learn the local language by roaming around its streets without any concern or tension.

In ancient times Nepal was in India and Sikkim is so close from there.

I live in a flat and my neighbour, a sweet lady, who loves me a lot is Nepali. I like to listen stories from Nepal and also about its cuisine.

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I don’t want to embarrass you, but I love cooking too.

I picked up this hobby thanks to Corona vacation.

So, let’s learn a few phrases from Nepali :


How are you? – Timih Kasto chauh?

What’s your name? – Timro naam ke ho ?

My name is Anurag.- Mero naam Anurag ho.

Yes – Hajur

No – Hoena

Sorry – Mapha ganus

Help – Sahayog Garanus

Get well soon – Chadai Niko hunuhos

Stop! – Rokinuhos!

It is always a fun to pick up phrases and speak new languages from different parts of our motherland.

And I will tell you something. Knowing a language is not very important. Loving the people who speak that language is more important.

Nepali is a wonderful language. That is only because Nepali people are so lovingly wonderful too.


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