Monday, December 6, 2021

1 lakh penalty not final yet: Govt

1 lakh is maximum proposed, final penalty amount to be decided by regulation: Health Deptt

Ranchi: Under fire from the trader community, the Jharkhand government has made it clear that the penalty of Rs. 1 lakh under Jharkhand Infectious Diseases Ordinance 2020 is not final.

The government made it clear that this was only the proposed maximum amount under the ordinance and the final amount would be decided when the regulation is promulgated.

The health ministry in a communication today clarified that the amount of Rs. 1 lakh is the maximum proposed penalty.

The framing of regulation is still under process and whatever penalty is included in that would be practical and proportionate to the seriousness of the violation.

The provision of penalty of Rs. 1 lakh for violating the safety norms had evoked a strong reaction from the trader community.

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After action was taken by the administration against some erring shops yesterday in Jamshedpur, the traders had also called a Jamshedpur Bandh on Saturday.

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