Sanitisation in Bagbera

Covid-19 affected areas in Bagbera and Jugsalai sanitised

Jamshedpur: A request from Paras Nath Mishra, Asst Professor of Arka Jain University, to get the Covid-19 affected areas of Bagbera and Jugsalai sanitised swung the entire district administration into action.

The tweeted request was tagged to the Chief Minister as well as the Health Minister Banna Gupta.

The Health Minister took notice of the request and urged the DC of East Singhbhum to get information and take action in the matter.

This was enough for the entire district administration to swing into action. Prompt steps were taken and the affected areas of Bagbera and Jugsalai, from where Covid-19 patients were found, were sanitised.

sanitisation in Bagbera
Sanitisation in Bagbera and Jugsalai.

Paras Nath Mishra was happy with the quick action.

He thanked the Health Minister and the DC of East Singhbhum Suraj Kumar for taking a cognisance of his request and ensuring that prompt action was taken into the matter.


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