Tuesday, May 17, 2022

RIMS to get plasma therapy facility for Covid-19 on July 28

Ranchi: Plasma therapy treatment for Covid-19 will now be available in Jharkhand too. The treatment method would be first tried in RIMS, Ranchi. The Chief Minister Hemant Soren would inaugurate the therapy on July 28 next.

The Health Minister of Jharkhand Banna Gupta expressed happiness that plasma therapy will now be available in RIMS.

ICMR has given permission for plasma therapy for Covid-19 and after this several states have tried the method with positive results.

This therapy has been used in several states, including Delhi, and has been found effective in those patients who are in a moderately ill state.

However, Plasma therapy was found effective for moderately ill patients. A trial study was conducted by ICMR and most doctors agreed that moderately ill patients did benefit from the therapy.

The hospitals taking part in the trial study have come to the conclusion that if blood transfusion was done from recovered Covid-19 patients, the patients did benefit from it.

Institutions from all over the country took part in the study and have now submitted their findings to ICMR.

A total number of 52 hospitals took part in the trial.

Hospitals say that the transfusion must be done from those recovered people who were symptomatic.

It seems the plasma has to be received within five to 10 days of diagnosis for the plasma therapy to be effective.

It remains to be seen which other hospitals in the state get the plasma therapy facilities after RIMS gets it on July 28.



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