Friday, December 3, 2021

Two more arrested in lawyer Prakash Yadav murder case

Jamshedpur: Birsanagar police have arrested two persons, Chhatku and Jitu Munda, in connection with lawyer Prakash Yadav’s murder. Police had yesterday taken Amulyo Karmkar in custody.

The police say that during interrogation the two accused have alleged that land dealer Amulyo Karmakar had asked them to kill Prakash Yadav.

The accused allegedly even claimed that they were paid some advance out of the agreed amount too.

According to the police, the two accused used to sit near Hari Mandir, which is close to the site of occurrence.

The deceased Prakash Yadav too used to frequent the place.

Police press release

According to the police, Tuesday night the two accused Chhatku and Jitu Munda attacked Prakash with rod and scythe. Prakash Yadav succumbed to injuries. The two accused managed to escape.

According to police, land dealing is the reason behind the killing.

Police sources say that the deceased lawyer used to file complaints against those who were into the business of encroaching upon government land and this is the reason he was killed.

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