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Saryu Roy launches scathing attack on Raghuvar, Abhay Singh

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy, Jamshedpur East MLA and the former minister of Jharkhand, has launched a scathing attack on the former chief minster of Jharkhand and BJP leader Raghuvar Das.

In response to the allegations levelled against him by the ex-CM of Jharkhand Raghuvar Das, he also held a press conference on Wednesday and after denying the allegations against him, he too leveled a few counter-allegations in reply.. He also demanded a CBI probe into the murder of advocate Prakash Yadav to ensure that all the facts come to the fore.

Later, late night on Wednesday, he dwelled upon the issue with a series of tweets. In his tweets, Saryu Roy said that he has been MLA of Jamshedpur East for only the last six months. He said – “Now, the ex-CM is accusing me of providing protection to a land-mafia of Birsanagar. Birsanagar was not built in six months. Who has been giving shelter to the mafia indulging in sale of government land for the last 25 years here? He was himself the MLA/minister/Chief minister here.”

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It may be recalled that after the gruesome killing of lawyer Prakash Yadav Tuesday night, Raghuvar Das had charged him with providing shelter to land mafia.

He was referring to one of the close supporters of Saryu Roy, Amulyo’s name cropping up in the advocate killing case and subsequently being apprehended by the police.

Saryu Roy said: “The brother of the ex-CM beat up an innocent Sardarji by pulling him out of the police lock-up. His son misbehaved with a woman. His representative even sought rangadaari from a BJP worker. And the police kept silent due to his intervention. He should not think as if I too am like him. If anyone close to me does wrong, then I myself will hand over to the police.”

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Saryu Roy said that the ex-minster and his supporters indulged in petty-politicking whole day on the issue of unfortunate murder of the Birsanagar Lawyer. He said: “I assure them that I will not try to influence the police. The police have rounded up Amulyo. If he is innocent, he would be released. If he is the culprit, he would go to jail. I trust the police.”

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Saryu Roy also said that a few people have asked him why he uses the word ex-CM, instead of naming the ex-CM seeking to know if he was scared?

Saryu Roy clarified: “It is not a question of being scared. Social media is a place where those who are active are wise enough. They understand even if a little is written. Everyone knows the name. I too know that you know everything.”

He also said: “Brothers and sisters active on Social Media, should have faith that whoever is found guilty of indulging in a killing or any crime, however close he is to me, he would not be allowed to remain a part of my circle. He would automatically be treated as out of my periphery until he is proven innocent.”

Saryu Roy also launched an attack on Abhay Singh saying: “Abhay Singh is a newly inducted BJP-man. He was thrown out in 2005. In 2020 he again sought entry in the party. Newspapers are full of unsavoury and mutual verbal exchanges between him and the ex-CM during the intervening 15 years. Both should be able to clarify where in Jamshedpur their family-relative-stooges have grabbed land and built up buildings without getting maps approved for the same.”

And he concluded with a tweet: “Some people make the mistake again and again. The dust flakes are on their faces, but they keep cleaning the mirror.”


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