Monday, December 6, 2021

Indiscriminate firing at builder’s car in Adityapur

Adityapur: Two criminals fired indiscriminately at builder Sanjay Mohanty’s car near Mangalam City under the jurisdiction of Adityapur police station in Seraikela-Kharsawan district Saturday.

However, the bullets did not meet their intended target and Sanjay Mohanty escaped unharmed from the incident.

Builder Sanjay Mohanty was sitting on the rear seat of his car.

His driver Santosh said that they were going back after buying medicines from Adityapur.

Two bike-borne persons seemed to be waiting for them as they came closer and started firing at them indiscriminately.

He said that they forced Sanjay Mohanty to duck in the car, so he somehow escaped the attempt on his life.

Adityapur police arrived at the site of occurrence and investigations have started.

Police have recovered four used cartridges from the seat of the car.

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A land dealer Ranjit Baij was killed in the past too.

The policer feel that this may be an attempt to create fear in the area, especially, in the mind of businessmen and builders.

The driver of the car said that the criminals had covered their mouth with a gacchha.

Builder Sanjay Mohanty is believed to be close to former MLA Anantram Tudu.

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