Friday, December 3, 2021

PDS food-grains finding way to black market, probe on

Jamshedpur: Illegal channelling and black-marketeering of food-grains meant for poor people and supplied through public distribution system is continuing with impunity in the city.

Although the administration is trying to rein in black-marketing of PDS food-grains in the district, yet much is left to be done.

The MLA of Potka, Sanjiv Sardar, today reached FCI godown at Parsudih and took stock of the situation prevailing there.

Locals say that the rationed food grains scheduled to have been distributed on July 4 is yet to be distributed.

An FIR has been registered against at least three local PDS vendors. The MLA has reacted sharply on the situation and said that it is not only the case relating to only 3 local PDS vendors.

He said: “There are at least 25-30 PDS vendors, who have not distributed rice and have funnelled the rice meant for poor to the local markets.”

Having received a tip-off from a beneficiary, the MLA reached the FCI godown in Parsudih and culled the facts. He found that rationed rice has not been lifted yet.

The MLA, however, could not ascertain whether rice has not been lifted, or the rice has been funnelled to black markets.

A probe is on to ascertain the facts.

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