Thursday, January 20, 2022

All passengers arriving at Tatanagar station to be quarantined at Govt facility

Jamshedpur: All passengers arriving and disembarking at Tatanagar Railway Station would have to be mandatorily quarantined at government facilities. The policy of home quarantining has been done away with. Everyone will have to be quarantined in government facilities from now on.

According to new instructions, the passengers would be quarantined and their samples would be taken. If their test reports are found normal, they would be allowed to go home from the government quarantine facilty.

67 passengers, who had arrived by Covid-19 Special New Delhi-Bhubaneshwar train at Tatanagar Railway Station on Wednesday, have been already sent to government quarantine centre at Sidhgora. On the other hand, the district administration has also sent the passengers of New Delhi-Puri Purushottam Express to government quarantine facility.

The district administration officers arrive at the station a few minutes before the train arrives. They bring buses with them too. And all the passengers are asked to embark on the buses and reach government quarantine centre after thermal scanning.

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On Wednesday, some of the passengers refused to co-operate and created a ruckus. However, the RPF jawans and officers pressurised them and finally they agreed to go on quarantine.

For now, only Delhi-Bhuvaneshwar Special Express, New Delhi-Puri Purushottam Express, Barbi-Howrah Special Express are being run through Tatanagar. The run of Tata-Danapur-Tata Superfast has been cancelled for now in view of increase in the number of Corona patients.

Besides this, the stoppage of Mumbai-Howrah Mail Express and Ahmedabad-Howrah Express at Tatanagar Railway Station too has been discontinued.

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