Friday, December 3, 2021

TMH GM advises against use of masks with elastic, recommends N-95

Jamshedpur: The GM of Tata Main Hospital Dr. Rajan Choudhary has advised the people of Jamshedpur to avoid using masks with elastic. He said that elastic based masks may cause problems like rashes behind ear or even swelling in the ear cartilage. He has appealed to the people to wear only N-95 masks or ribbon-based three-layered masks.

Dr. Rajan Chudhary, while replying to a committee member Karam Ali in Doctor Online programme of Tata Main Hospital, said that mask elastic may cause some problems.

Dr. Rajan Choudhary, Dr. Mannan Mallick, Dr. Smita and Dr. S R Choudhary answered the queries of employees.

The doctors reiterated their appeal to the citizens to avoid going to crowded places, continue maintaining social distancing and keep washing hands

Dr. Choudhary, in reply to a query, said that if a pregnant woman is infected with Corona virus, then the infection can affect the unborn baby too.

Dr. Choudhary said that with the onset of Monsoons, TMH is ready to tackle malaria too. He said that TMH has sufficient malaria kits, therefore there is no reason to worry too much. But he appealed to the citizens to ensure that no water logging is allowed in their area or houses.

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