Friday, December 3, 2021

Ruckus in Kadma as a minor’s body is found hanging, locals allege foul play

Jamshedpur: A 14-year-old minor boy’s body was found hanging in a house situated right behind Kadma Chandi Baba Mandir.

The news of the death of the boy (name withheld) travelled like a wild-fire in the entire area and infuriated locals gathered to protest and demand action against those responsible for the boy’s death.

A local talking about the minor’s death

The family members and the locals claimed that the boy’s feet were touching the grounds and it is unlikely that such a small boy could have hanged himself.

They demanded a thorough probe into the reasons of death of that boy.

They also accused the family members of Chandi Baba of being responsible for the boy’s death and demanded their arrest.

Police officer speaking about the minor’s death.

The police said that the matter is under investigation and all aspects of the case would be examined and appropriate action would be taken.

Angry family members and a large number of locals created a big ruckus and kept the main road blocked for about several hours.

Under immense pressure from the locals, the police took one member of the Chandi Baba family into custody. He is being interrogated.

The police tried very hard to calm the angry locals and finally managed to persuade them to remove the road blockade.

Now police have started the investigations.

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