Monday, June 14, 2021

Mango faces severe water crisis, MVS president demands action

Jamshedpur: Residents of several settlements, colonies and housing societies Mango are facing a lot of difficulties due to water crisis. There has been no water supply for several days in these areas causing difficulties for the residents and a lot of resentment among them.

Clean drinking water is an important need for every citizen. Stressing this the president of Mango Vikas Samiti Onkar Nath Singh had earlier apprised the SDO and JE of the PHED with the problems being faced by the people living in Post Office Road area in Parasnagar, Baikunthnagar, Vastuvihar, Gurudwara Road area, Gourbasti, Prahaladnagar, Krishnanagar and Chataikuli etc.

The concerned officers officers told him that out of three motors, two were not functioning. They said that lower bed of cachement area was filled with sand and the same was being cleared. They also assured him that water supply will be resumed within a day.

However, despite their assurance water supply has not been resumed causing immense difficulties for the people living in the affected areas.

There has been no credible response from the PHED either. This is causing immense resentment among the people.

The president of Mango Vikas Samiti Onkar Nath Singh has urged the concerned officials to take necessary action immediately and ensure that water supply is restored to the affected areas as soon as possible. He said that the angst of the people may give rise to unsavoury incidents and if it happens only PHED and MNAC officials will be solely responsible for it.

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