Friday, December 3, 2021

Police crackdown on social distancing norms violators

Several rounded up for not wearing masks, sent to Camp Jail in MNPS at Bistupur

Jamshedpur: The city police has launched a special drive against the social distancing norms violators. Several people walking in public without wearing masks were rounded up today and sent to Camp Jail in Motilal Nehru Public School in Bistupur.

The district administration is worried over the steady increase in the number of Corona patients in the city and also the increasing death toll. Four persons have already lost their lives due to Corona in the city and more than 691 people have been infected in the city.

Jamshedpur City SP Subhash Chandra Jat says the special drive against social distancing norms violators would continue.

Yet, despite all appeals from the district administration, people in general, are very dismissive of the threat being posed by the virus and several people are seen violating the social distancing norms with impunity.

A large number of people are even going on morning walks without wearing masks.

The police today launched a special crackdown on such social distancing norms violators. A number of morning walkers seen walking on the roads without wearing masks were rounded up by the police and were sent to a Camp Jail prepared at MNPS, Bistupur.

Police crackdown on social distancing norms violators.

The City SP Subhash Chandra Jat told The Town Post that the crackdown on those who violate social distancing norms would continue in the days to come. He also said that such special drives are helping a lot in making people more cautious.

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