Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New Bistupur OC in full action, raids gambling, liquor dens

Jamshedpur: The new officer-in-charge of Bistupur police station Ranvijay Sharma has started showing his mettle in full action soon after assuming charge of his new assignment.

The new officer today led a police team and raided many illegal gambling and liquor dens. Several youths present at such places managed to flee. But several were arrested too and they are now being interrogated.

Bistupur police in action.

According to sources, when the police team today reached the Bistupur market, it saw a few youth standing there. Seeing the police most of them fled the place. The police found several articles relating to gambling and Matka. A few youths were arrested and they are being interrogated.

Bistupur police in action

The officer-in-charge said that the raids would continue to be made on illegal liquor dens and action would be taken against those who indulge in illegal activities.

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