Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Death of an officer: a fit case for high-level probe


The state Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh’s reassurance that a high-level probe would be ordered to inquire into all aspects of Palajori BDO’s death is reassuring.

It is also heartening to see that he went out of his way to re-affirm the fact that the deceased BDO of Palajori late Nagendra Tiwari was an honest and sincere officer and had a very good image in the area where he was posted.

It is not always that a sitting minister takes time out to visit the house of a deceased officer and vouches the credentials of a departed officer. However, in this case the state Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh did exactly that and it is really an appreciable gesture.

The facts relating to the death of Palajori BDO Nagendra Tiwari are still not very clear and need deep examination.

Some of the facts relating to the harassment he was facing, as alleged by his family members, in connection with his work and the written complaints he had earlier made about it, all point to the fact that there may be more to this case than what is visible.

The connivance of mafia nexus and criminal elements behind his harassment cannot be ruled out. The fact that he has been on a long leave and he had made complaints in writing about his alleged harassment only confirms the allegation that he was facing the machinations of an organised nexus.

It is good to note that the government, generally, is open to a high-level probe into this case and sees no politics in the demand for a CBI enquiry.

Leaders across the political spectrum have backed the demand for a CBI probe. If the state government orders a high-level probe, possibly by CBI, it would really do justice to the family and bring out all the hidden facts relating to an honest officer’s unfortunate demise.

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