Friday, December 3, 2021

Saryu Roy and Dr Nishikant Dubey hint at conspiracy in Palajori BDO’s death

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy, the former minster and MLA, Jamshedpur East, today said that Nagendra Tiwary, the BDO of Palajori, whose dead body was found from railway tracks in Jugsalai on Monday, has fallen victim to a ‘deep conspiracy’ and urged the Chief Minister Hemant Soren to bring the truth to the fore. Dr Nishikant Dubey, BJP MP from Godda, has also pressed for a CBI enquiry into BDO’s death.

Mr Roy today said in a tweet that he had known late Nagendra Tiwari for a long time and he can’t accept the fact that he died in this manner. He also condoled his death and expressed sympathy for the family members.

Dr Nishikant Dubey, MP, Godda too has pressed for a CBI enquiry into Nagendra Tiwari’s death.

Deoghar Palajori BDO’s dead body was found on Jugsalai Railway tracks on Monday. Yesterday, BJP leader Devendra Singh had also demanded CBI enquiry into his death.

The deceased BDO Nagendra Tiwari had been on leave for the last one month. The family members of the deceased have expressed suspicions about the reason for his death.

A few relatives hinted at harassment by officers and a local mukhiya. Another relative claimed that a few senior officers used to abuse him on phone.

The family members said that one local mukhiya had threatened him. They said that yesterday he went out of his house with one of his students and when he did not return for a long time, the Sakchi police was informed about it.

On Monday, Sakchi police informed them about a a dead body being found from railway tracks in Jugsalai.

The family members of the deceased have hinted at foul play and said that a mukhiya of Palajori block was harassing and threatening him for one month.

They also said that Nagendra Tiwary had launched a drive against sand mafia and stone chips mafia and this had infuriated the mafia nexus in the area.

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