Monday, December 6, 2021

Corona kills two more women in Jamshedpur, total death toll for city now four

Jamadoba woman dies in TMH during treatment, Bhatia Bustee woman succumbs to complications

Jamshedpur: The scourge of Covid-19 has taken two more lives in the city. A woman from Jamadoba (West Bokaro) succumbed to complications caused by Covid-19 Tuesday in TMH. Another 50-year-old woman, a resident of Kadma Bhatia Bustee, has also succumbed to the disease. This takes the Corona-related death toll in the city to four.

This does not include the deceased woman from Jamadoba. If she too is counted, the city has lost five lives, four of its own residents and one from Jamadoba, due to Corona in less than 15 days.

One of the two women succumbing to Covid-19 is a resident of Jamadoba and she was admitted I TMH on June 28. Technically, she is from Bokaro district. In all, the city has suffered four deaths of its own residents and one death of a person from Jamadoba being treated here, due to Covid-19.

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The deceased woman from Kadma Bhatia Bustee was admitted in TMH on Monday morning. During treatment her condition worsened. She was living in a containment zone. Her sample test report was positive. She was admitted in the hospital on Monday.

In all, Covid-19 has caused four deaths in Jharkhand on 
Tuesday. One death has been reported from Gumla, where a 65-year-old patient died in RIMS during treatment. Another 52-year-old person from Ranchi also died in RIMS.

Apart from these two, one person from Jamadoba died in TMH, while one woman from Kadma Bhatia Bustee also succumbed to Covid.

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