Friday, August 19, 2022

Third Corona death, the devil has finally arrived


The news of the third death caused by Corona-related complications in TMH is really a matter of concern. Within a period of a week, the city has lost three citizens to the scourge, while the number of patients has been on the rise steadily.

The figures indicate the seriousness of the situation we all are in. The disease is spreading fast in the city despite all the steps being taken by the administration and the citizens. This shows that our efforts have not been up to mark and this is the time to up the ante and take the challenge of defeating the disease seriously.

We have limited means to fight against a pandemic that has wreaked such devastation all over the world. But these means and tools are effective deterrents. With the help of these tools of social distancing, lockdowns and personal hygiene, India has been largely successful in keeping the disease at its lowest devastating level. We need to re-launch our efforts.

Because not doing so is not an option for us. The only way to go is to move forward and confront the disease with the tools we have available to us.

The figures for Jharkhand too are not very good either. The growth of the number of patients in the state has reached almost 3.84%, which is higher than the national average of 3.46%. And this is really a matter of concern for all of us.

Not only this, the doubling rate of the patients, which is the number of days in which the number of patients doubles, is also 18.41, which is less than the national doubling rate of 20.36.

Both these figures highlight the fact that our efforts are falling short in all respects. The administration cannot do much as it is over-stretched and over-burdened due to general lack of resources and healthcare facilities. But, as citizens, we too are falling short in all areas, which is a greater concern.

The citizenry has the biggest role to play in containing the spread of such a pandemic. There is no lack of information or awareness. What we lack is a sense of emergency. We all are in a state, where we feel the threat is still far away from us.

The union health ministry is not willing to accept that community transmission has begun in the country. It feels that in pockets the transmission is rapid, but it still is not community transmission.

However, semantics do not matter much. The fact is that a large number of new patients do not have any travel history and this proves that the disease spread is gaining momentum.

Everyone feared a situation where people start dying in large numbers and indiscriminately, without too many options left for the administration or the citizenry.

It seems the days when we could watch the news from a distance are truly over.

The disease is amidst us and causing us all to be fearful.

Well, dear citizens, we all are in the midst of a dangerous threat. We must join hands now, or face the mess. Of our own making.

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