Monday, December 6, 2021

Big sigh of relief as 90 contacts of minister Mithilesh Thakur test negative for Corona

Ranchi: There was a big sigh of relief in the health department as around 90 people who had come in contact with Drinking Water and Sanitation minister Mithilesh Thakur recently, have tested negative for Covid-19. They include the Chief Minister Hemant Soren himself.

The family members of the minister as well as his security personnel were all tested for Covid-19. But all of them have tested negative.

Earlier, Hemant Soren and his family as well as several officers and employees of CMO were also tested for Covid-19 and all of them have tested negative.

The senior private secretary of the Chief Minister, Sunil Srivastava, JMM general secretary Vinod Pandey, and press advisor Abhishek Prasad too have tested negative.

The central general secretary of JMM, Supriyo Bhattacharya too has tested negative.

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