Monday, December 6, 2021

The fun of learning new languages

Learning new languages, those languages that you have no understanding of at all, is fun.

I believe that all of us should learn different languages spoken all around us and in different parts of our country. 

So, I will like to discuss here a few things that I learnt about Marathi recently. I also share here a few common phrases in Marathi, which are really very interesting.

It is interesting to learn that Marathi language has a great history of its own. It is spoken not only in Maharashtra but also in Goa.

One legend goes that a fighting force from the north of India made their way to where Maharashtra is. They were called Maharathis (which means ‘great chariot drivers’).

Their language got mixed with that of the people who lived there, and a new language was born. First it was called Maharastri. Over the years, it came to be known as Marathi!

But this may be true, half-true or completely untrue. What is more important is that Marathi language, that we have now, is very rich and interesting.

  • Come- Yay
  • Go- Zaa
  • Here-  Ikade
  • There- Tikade
  • What is your name? –  Mazzey nao Anurag aahe
  • Thank you- Dhanyavaad
  • I don’t want- Mala nako 
  • I want- Mala pahije
  • Water- Paani
  • Where- Kuthey?
  • Let us go- Chala, aapan zaaooya 
  • I cannot speak Marathi- Mala Marathi yet nahi 
  • Tomorrow- Udya
  • Yesterday- Kaal 
  • Day after tomorrow- Parva
  • What is the time?- Kiti vaazle?
  • Come soon – Lavkar yay 

It is fun to pick up phrases from other languages.

If only, some day, we are able to pick up phrases from the languages that animals, birds, insects and snakes speak.

That would make this world very interesting.

Anurag Arbind
A student of Loyola School, Jamshedpur. An aspiring writer. An enthusiastic expert of everything.


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