Monday, December 6, 2021

Businessman dies of injuries caused by car dash in Sakchi

Jamshedpur: In a tragic incident, a businessman of Mango Gurudwara Bustee, Sunny Bhatia, lost his life in a road accident. His car was dashed from behind by another vehicle. He was thrown on the ground and was seriously injured. He was rushed to hospital, but he died during treatment.

The incident occurred Friday night at 11 p.m.. The deceased businessman was returning home after closing his business. A few yards from his shop near Palang Market, his vehicle was hit by another vehicle from behind. He was thrown on the ground and sustained serious injuries.

The locals rushed him to MGMCH. Seeing his serious condition the doctors referred him to TMH. But unfortunately there was no ventilator available in TMH and he had to be rushed to Brahmanand Hospital at Tamolia. He was being treated there, but he breathed his last Saturday morning.

Sunny Bhatia owned a sweetshop at Dalda Line, Sakchi. His shop was well-known in the area, especially because it had a clock that moved in reverse direction.

The police are trying to trace the vehicle that had dashed against his vehicle.


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