Monday, December 5, 2022

Hey kids, your marks just do not matter in real life! Really!

99.34 per cent examinees who wrote the ICSE 10th exams and 96.84 per cent of those who took the ISC 12th board exams have passed. They have been successful and must be happy. A few could not make it, and there will be a next time for them.

However, it is sad to see so many children really making themselves unhappy with whatever marks they have got. There are some children who have got more than 90 per cent and still are unhappy because they feel they deserved a bit more.

Then there are a few who might have got less than what they or their near and dear ones expected. They feel disappointed, cheated and might be cursing the entire system and the universe.

Then there are a few, who may not have passed, or may have passed with very low marks. They might be feeling very dishevelled and distraught. For them it might seem as if the world is very unfair to them or not a good place for people like them, or that they are not fit for this world or something on these lines.

To all those kids, who are very happy with the results – enjoy your happiness! Because such moments do not last too long.

And to all those kids, who feel it would have been better if the world ended right now, or who feel cheated with the marks that they have got, only one line – Hey kids, your marks really don’t matter in real life. It makes no difference to how life would unfold for you in future. It really makes no difference apart from a momentary feeling of happiness, or unhappiness.

This moment, however cruel this may seem right now, shall ultimately pass. Nothing is going to happen because you got less marks.

You shall remain wonderful.

Think of so many drop-outs and academically bored people. Start with Amitabh Bachchan and keep counting names: James Dyson, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, J K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen King, Van Gogh, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Charles Darwin.

All these successful people failed in their life. Failed miserably and failed many times.

Failure is what made them great. Because it is failure that starts your real lesson of life.

So, enjoy!

And if you really don’t believe that one day you can dazzle the world with your brilliance and that all the successful people would one day be clapping for you and feeling proud to be with you for one snap, then watch this video and listen to this speech, of a man who was a drop-out. And you know what kind of a drop-out and failed man he was. No?

So, enjoy!

And if you really feel terrible, share your thoughts with your friends, mother, father, or anyone who cares for you.

Remember, you have special powers. Only you don’t know about them. You have to discover those powers to be able to use them.

Talk to someone! Help yourself!

And if you have no one to turn to for help, call any of these JEEVAN helpline numbers: 929 7777 500,   929 7777 499  and   9955 377500,    9955 435 500. Between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


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