Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Meeting held to discuss Corona spread

Jamshedpur: In view of the rapid increase in the number of infections in the district, the senior administrative officers held a meeting with the surveillance team and issued necessary instructions.

Meeting at Karandih Block to discuss Corona spread

The number of infected patients has been rising steadily in the district and this has made the administration sit up and take notice.

Several patients have been found who have had no travel history. And this has made the administration extremely worried.

The other worrying factor is that the disease is also spreading its tentacles in rural areas.

N K Lal, ADM (Law and Order) speaking after the meeting.

The ADM (law and order) N K Lal today held a special meeting in Karandih Block Office and addressed the officials to advise them ways to work with surveillance team members at the village level.

Those who attended the meeting included the magistrates, teachers, sevikas and sahiyas.


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