Friday, December 3, 2021

ICMR completes one crore Covid-19 tests across India

New Delhi: ICMR has completed 10 million tests in the entire country. ICMR has credited this achievement to the tireless work of its staff and all partner labs.

In February 2020, ICMR had completed only 1000 tests in the country and the inadequacy of the testing facilities in the country had drawn a lot of criticism as calls for strengthening the infrastructure was made.

However, the country prepared itself well and a large number of labs were created all across the country and private labs were also roped in.

In March, the country raised the number of tests ten times to 10,000. In April again, 1 lakh tests were done. By May end 10 lakh tests were done.

And now, in July the milestone of 10 million or 1 crore tests has been completed, which really is impressive by any yardstick.

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