Friday, December 3, 2021

Saryu Roy performs Ramarcha puja, COVID-19 threat makes it lowkey affair

Jamshedpur: Former minister cum Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy performed Ramarcha Puja at his Bistupur residence on Sunday. His family members and close acquaintances were present on this occasion.

Ramarcha Puja is performed every year on the Purnima of Asarh month of Hindu calendar. Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and his family and those who helped him in conquering Lanka are worshipped on this day.

Roy has been organizing the puja at his residence for the past many years. The Ramarcha Puja at Royś residence usually witnesses the arrival of many VVIPs and VIPs along with a large number of devotees from Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and other states.

Several thousand people receive the prasad which includes large puris and other delicacies. But today, a very limited number of people were invited to the puja in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Roy had yesterday announced that prasad would be sent to the people in Seraikela, Chaibasa and various parts of Jamshedpur.

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