Friday, December 3, 2021

Railway Board to axe 3681 posts across four divisions

Ranchi: South Eastern Railway is all set to discontinue 3681 posts across its four divisions of Ranchi, Chakradharpur, Kharagpur and Adra, sources said.

Sources said an order has been issued in this regard by the Railway Board. All divisions have been asked to comply with the order. A list of all posts proposed to be discontinued was issued by the AGM of South Eastern Railway, Anupam Sharma.

The divisional rail managers (DRMs) have been directed to surrender the stipulated number of posts, sources said.

Ranchi division has been asked to surrender 100 posts while Chakradharpur, Adra and Kharagpur divisions have been asked to surrender 592, 870 and 509 posts respectively.

Kharagpur headquarters and workshop-store will be losing 885 and 725 posts respectively, sources said.

Meanwhile, the divisional coordinator of Ranchi Rail Division Menś Congress Union Nityanand Lal Kumar has termed the Railway Board decision as erroneous and threatened to move the court against the order.

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