Monday, December 6, 2021

Saturday shocker: Covid-19 causes second death in TMH

88-year-old woman from Baradwari succumbs to Corona-related complications

Jamshedpur: Saturday proved a bad day for the city as it resulted in two consecutive Covid-19 related deaths.

In the morning at around 12 a.m. a 71-year-old man succumbed to complications due to Corona.

As the city and its administration were trying to cope with the impact, another patient, a 88-year-old woman of Sakchi, Baradwari died due to breathing difficulties in TMH.

The deceased woman was admitted in TMH on June 21 with breathing problems and she had symptoms of pneumonia. She was tested for Corona, but her report came negative. She was very sick and was put on ventilation.

After her death, she was tested for Covid-19 and her report came positive.

This was the second death caused due to Covid-19 related complications in the city.

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Till Friday, Jamshedpur had zero death tally. And two deaths on a single day has sent a wave of concern through the district administration.

Although both the deceased persons were aged and had several co-morbidity, what causes special concern is that none of them had any travel history.

With this, the total death toll due to Corona in Jharkhand has now reached 17.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 21 new Corona positive patients were detected in the district. With this the total number of infections in the district has reached 486.

Out of the 21 new cases found today, two have had a travel history of Delhi, two to Patna, three to Begusarai, four to Durgapur and three to Kolkata.

Out of these, one is from Telco, two are from Kadma, eight are residents of Sakchi, one is from Jugsalai, three are from Sonari, one is from Agrico, one is from Bagbera, three are from Kadma and one is from Sidhgora.

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All these patients are being admitted in the Covid hospitals.

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