Friday, December 3, 2021

MGMCH gets brand new RNX96 Covid-19 test machine, capacity of East Singhbhum now 1000 tests per day

District administration and Civil Society members join hands to bolster testing facility

Jamshedpur: A new RNX 96 Covid-19 test machine has been installed at the MGM College and Hospital in Jamshedpur.

This has come as a big achievement for the district as this machine would now enable the district to carry out around 1000 tests.

Till now East Singhbhum district was equipped with the facility to test found 400 persons. However, this new machine will expand the test capacity of the district.

Members of the civil society also helped the district administration in procuring this machine. Those who chipped in with significant contribution include Nand Lal Rungta, Ram Krishna Foundation and ASIA.

The DC of East Singhbhum, Ravi Shankar Shukla, thanked the civil society members for this contribution and said that this is a significant progress for the district. Now, around 1000 persons can be tested in the district and this would come as a big help in the fight against Corona virus.

He appealed to the people to ensure that they continue following with prescribed safety precautions.

The principal of MGMCH, Dr. Prashant Kumar Barla also thanked the district administration as well as the members of the civil society and said that this would expedite the process of testing for Covid-19.

He said that this machine is not only faster, but very effective too.

For now, the district has two testing labs for Covid-19, one in TMH and one in MGMCH.

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