Thursday, August 18, 2022

China mouthpiece threatens India with ‘would be more humiliated than 1962’ barb

Global Times says- ‘India knows it can’t have a war with China’

New Delhi: China Daily Global Times, in a veiled threat to India, has again suggested that India knows that it can’t have a war with China. It also goes on to issue an open threat to India by adding: “New Delhi would be more humiliated than 1962 if it launches a new conflict.

In a tweet on July 2, 2020, Global Times cited an article written by Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun on June 21, 2020 that said: “Modi is playing with words in order to avoid an escalation as he does not want to really unleash his army by encouraging them to actively start another clash.”

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Although the article was published on June 21, 2020, Global Times re-tweeted it and repeated the threats and warnings contained in that article.

The article claims: “Indian government and military leaders understand how power China is, while Indian nationalists are ignorant and arrogant. So they might say some harsh words, but they dare not take the first shot against us.”

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In another tweet it also suggested that Economic decoupling with India is possible if India does not calm down.

Global Times has been commenting on India and the reaction of Indian people on social media at regular intervals. It has also been blaming Indian nationalists for pushing for a war.

While, it keeps repeating that India is not in a position to challenge China at this point of time, it keeps blaming the so-called nationalists for the problems at the LAC without mentioning its own avarice for land not only at the India-China LAC, but in its neighbourhood elsewhere too.

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