Thursday, January 20, 2022

RIMS to be upgraded as Jharkhand Medical University by 2020 end: Banna Gupta

Ranchi: Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) would soon be upgraded into Jharkhand Medical University. This would be done by the end of 2020.

Jharkhand health minister Banna Gupta made this announcement here on Wednesday. He said the students of Jharkhand will no longer have to go to other states to pursue medical studies. A blueprint has been prepared to make the plan a reality, he said.

Banna Gupta
Banna Gupta, Health Minister of Jharkhand.

Gupta said a draft on setting up the Jharkhand Medical University was almost ready. However, getting medical university status for RIMS would take time, he said.

¨The draft plan would be sent to various departments. After getting the nod, it would be presented in the state Cabinet and thereafter permission would be sought from the government,¨ said the minister.

Gupta said he was hopeful that the said plan would be implemented by this year end. With the medical university, Jharkhand would achieve a feat in the field of medical education.

This would facilitate more researches in the field of medicine and healthcare, he said, adding further that the medical university was the need of the hour.

The health minister admitted that there was an acute crisis of human resources in the field of medical education and healthcare. ¨Once the medical university comes into existence, the vacancies of doctors, nurses and other health personnel would be filled soon.

We will be able to prepare doctors to work in our government hospitals and research in the field of medicine,¨ he said.

Gupta said the purpose of opening the medical university is to bring about improvements in the field of medical education in Jharkhand. He said plans were afoot for opening medical colleges in Bokaro, Chaibasa and Koderma.

¨The government would mainly focus on research in the medical university. Students would be given the opportunity and facilities to do research without any hindrances,¨ said the minister.

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