Monday, December 6, 2021

COVID-19 RT-PCR test in private labs to cost Rs. 2400 in Jharkhand

Jamshedpur: COVID-19 RT-PCR tests in private laboratories in Jharkhand will now cost only Rs. 2400. Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society in its latest order has fixed the rate for COVID-19 tests after the ICMR withdrew the upper ceiling of Rs. 450 per RT-PCR test.

In view of the ICMR order revising the the rate for RT-PCR COVID-19 testing by private labs, the Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society has revised the rate and fixed it at Rs. 2400 per test. This rate will include costs involved in picking and transportation of samples, documentation and reporting.

This rate will be applicable to all the ICMR approved private partners providing RT-PCR testing facility for Jharkhand.

The JRHMS order says: “In continuity with the order No. 137 (HSN) dated May 1.5.2020 and in view of the ICMR DO No. ECD/COVID19/Misc dated 25.04.2020 wherein ICMR withdrew the upper ceiling of Rs. 4500 per RT-PCR test and suggested to states to negotiate with private partners for lower rates, fresh rates were called from private labs for the same. Minimum rate received for collection of sample and testing is Rs.2400 per test.”

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