Thursday, August 18, 2022

India decides to give it back to China

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For decades, India has been behaving like Pandavas. Coaxing and cajoling the big neighbour to not transgress on its land. And even ignoring in many instances open provocation by the big bully of the world.

However, lack of strength and show of weakness have never been good policies in dealing with any foreign country, or for that matter anything in life.

There comes a time in a nation’s life, when it has to stand up for itself.

That India has now decided to say enough is enough brings reassurance to a nation which is accustomed to ignoring violations of its boundary and impossible claims about line of actual control by China.

The decision of Indian government to ban 59 China origin apps is a smart move that is really going to hurt China. Already the noises being made by the Chinese mouthpieces are confirming that the move has hurt China’s interests in a big way.

Banning these 59 apps will not harm India in any way because there are alternative apps available for most of these. However, this will indeed hurt Chinese interests as these apps are likely to lose a very big market in India.

India has decided to escalate the tussle one rung above. And for a solid reason. It has to send China a message – that we will not tolerate transgression of our land.

You cannot hurt Indian interests at regular intervals and continue to do normal business elsewhere in our country.

There must be consequences. And they have started now.

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