Monday, December 6, 2021

ICSE/ISC examinees to get marks improvement exam option if they are not satisfied with marks

Jamshedpur: CISCE will give an option to improve marks to those examinees who are not satisfied with their marks in any particular subject for which examinations have not been held and for which a formula-based marking has been done, based on internal assessments and earlier papers, for which examinations had already been conducted before lockdown.

These improvement examinations will be held within a period of 1-2 months from the date of the declaration of the results, subject to the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic and the overall prevailing conditions in the country.

There was some confusion over CISCE’s earlier circular which said: “If the situation is deemed conducive, in the near future, CISCE may give an option to candidates to write any or all of the remaining papers of the ICSE /ISC year 2020 examinations at a later date whereby the marks so obtained by the candidate I that written examinations shall be considered as their final marks.”

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Some heads of schools had sought clarification on this point.

In a clarification to its earlier circular dated 26th June 2020, CISCE has said: “The CISCE would like to clarify that after the declaration of the ICSE / ISC year 2020 results, this option will be given only those candidates, who are not satisfied with their results and would like to improve their marks in a particular subject/s for which the examination was not conducted.”

CISCE also clarified that the improvement exam dates would be declared later. It confirmed that the ICSE/ISC Year 2020 Examinations have been officially cancelled vide circular dated 26th June, 2020 and has sought different documents from the heads of schools for the evaluation purposes.

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