Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bhaiyo Aur Bahno, it is Covid, welfare and food security for now, China can wait!

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New Delhi: Our Prime Minister loves to spring surprises on all of us. Everyone was expecting him to speak on Ladakh and China, or may be something on Covid-19, lockdown or unlock. However, he spoke at length about One Nation, One Ration Card.

There were many who were completely surprised by the PM speech today.

Even Brahma Chellaney was surprised.

And there are many who are wondering why the time was delivery was chosen as 4 p.m. and not 8 p.m..

However, he spoke about how we have started showing relaxed attitude towards safety and social distancing norms and advised enhanced precautions.

He also announced a big food security relief to 80 million people. He announced that the government would continue its food security programme to November.

Do you think this has nothing to do with China? You may again be wrong.

Food security and relief to poor masses of the country is a part of a clear-cut vision and strategy about the nation.

The Prime Minister has done very well in bringing our attention back to Covid-19, which is still spreading fast, and the need to comply with safety precautions and social distancing.

Inner strength and greater economic and food security is a part of the greater national goals.

And the Prime Minister has done well to remind us all of our foolishness in believing that the scourge of Covid-19 has gone away.

The time to address China may come. But, for now Covid-19 is a bigger challenge. We have just been reminded. By none else than the PM himself.

If you had hazarded a guess and were expecting something else, you may have been too early in placing your bet.

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