Thursday, January 20, 2022

China mouthpiece Global Times blames it all on right-wing nationalists

Delhi: China publication Global Times, widely regarded as mouthpiece of Communist Party of China, has blamed India’s souring and strained relations with its neighbours on right-wing nationalists. And it has also cited the example of Nepal to bolster its arguments that India is trying to blame all domestic crises on their neighbours.

An article written by Xie Chao, an Assistances Professor at the Institute for International and Area Studies, Tsinghua University, says: “India’s right-wing nationalists always complain about and blame others for India’s poor relations with its neighbours, but ignoring others’ legitimate and reasonable concerns, thus New Delhi seems to have aggravated its neighbours’ distrust.”

It also cites the example of Nepal and says: “Nepal also found itself bullied this May when India inaugurated a new road to Lipulekh. Kathmandu claims 17 km of it lies on its land, but New Delhi’s rejection to Nepal’s protest has ignited public resentment in Nepal.”

However, the article fails to mention China’s own problems with neighbours including Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and of course India.

It also does not mention the wide-held belief that China pressurised Nepal to act against India just so that it could cite the example of soured India-Nepal relations to justify its own bullying acts in Hong Kong, Vietnam and South China Sea.

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