Friday, December 3, 2021

Jamshedpur Saloons and beauty parlours clamour for reopen order

Jamshedpur: As most of businesses are re-opening with relaxed rules in Jharkhand, the owners and workers of small saloons and beauty parlours too are clamouring for allowing them to re-open their businesses.

A large number of barbers, saloon workers and beauticians took out a procession on Thursday and pressed for immediate permission to re-open their businesses.

A group of demonstrators also met the Deputy Commissioner Ravi Shankar Shukla and submitted a memorandum to him.

They pleaded to him to allow them to re-open their businesses and said that they should be asked to operate with all the safety norms.

The demonstrators claimed that they were facing a difficult times as their businesses have been singled out in the name of Corona pandemic, while most of other businesses have been allowed to open.

They said that it is not only unfair to them, but would also prove bad for the economy.

They said that there are lakhs of people who are directly dependent on grooming and beauty business and the government must have a sympathetic view about their livelihood.

The demonstration held today was led by Jharkhand Salon And Beauty Parlour Association.

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